Personal open source project for fast prototyping of maps and sensors on the tactical edge.

Edgemap is complete embedded Linux firmware for RPi4 and it's not based on any distribution as such. This makes it easy to port solution to any custom hardware. RPi4 acts like a 'wearable server' and delivers rich mapping experience and sensors overlays to EUD via web browser. Deployments are fast and device agnostic. You don't need to install any App on mobiles and Covert operations benefits 'casual device browsing' concept of operation. This makes also lost device situation easier, since EUD does not contain any data of operation. Edgemap firmware contains also Taky Cursor on Target (CoT) server and any CoT source targeted to Taky is automatically read also to Web UI for immediate access. You might use edgemap to offer view into your CoT operation without offering full access into CoT infrastructure for allied organizations. This was tested with AN/PRC-169 radios.

Remember, edgemap is not a full blown product - it's more like a fast prototyping platform with right strategy. If you are developer looking to integrate compact firmware and world wide spatial capability in your product fast, this is the way.

Prototype Offline maps from your Raspberry Pi4
Develop spatial capability without Internet access
Design zero network fingerprint for OPSEC
Strategy right

Protecting user

Develop, deploy and use without attribution. No App needed and zero network fingerprint.


When you cannot create dependency to foreign SDK's and consumer hardware.

Digital sovereignty

Implement features beyond Consumer platforms & include crypto agility into your design.

Tactical edge

Deliver solution into your MESH/MANET segment without Internet access.

Features included

Offline maps

Complete world map to street level on single MicroSD card.

◆ Every country, every street.
◆ Single planet.mbtiles file.
◆ Use and scale for free.


UI example how you can overlay ten live video streams from Zoneminder to map view. See documentation for supported video sources.

Target display

MIL-STD-2525, Cursor On Target (CoT) GeoJSON, High rate target display - smooth 20 Hz update rate via websocket Tested with AN/PRC-169 radios.

Sensory integration

Example for 'Sniper Control' status display over low latency websocket connection, which can be utilized to develop other status displays if required.

Demo video
This screencast is recorded from RPi4 with 2GB RAM and 128 GB MicroSD card. All map data is stored locally.
Source code & contact

Check out my oobcomm project as well.

Send me a message if you have any questions!